ADAS Calibration

ADAS is short for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems this refers as the term to designate automotive safety systems that employ cutting-edge technology that includes cameras, radar, lasers, sensors and other devices to help prevent an accident. These ADAS sensors provide warnings and even aid the driver in braking or steering to avoid hazardous circumstances for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. These technologies assist drivers in recognizing potential risks on the road so they can take appropriate actions.

ADAS is now a safety standard and will continue to grow within the automotive industry. If your windshield is replaced or the camera is disturbed, the ADAS camera system needs to be re-calibrated. VDKar offers windshield calibration with top notch customer service and full attention to detail and quality.

What is ADAS System Calibration?

Calibration is the process of bringing a vehicle’s ADAS back into OEM specifications, and is a necessary and important step to perform a new glass installation, especially for windshields that have a cameras mounted to them. Since the process of windshield installation moves the camera ever so slightly, even millimeter differences in placement from the original can make a difference in the performance of the entire ADAS system. Therefore, calibration ensures that the ADAS functions properly and has the expected safety performance as when it was factory installed.

The calibration process will adjust and test all of the cameras and sensors on the windshield. This is to ensure everything is functioning properly after the windshield has been replaced. Without calibration, the ADAS features can malfunction, which can result in an accident.

Why is ADAS Calibration necessary?

If your car’s ADAS is not professionally and properly calibrated, the complete safety of the system cannot be guaranteed. For example, when the car’s cameras/radars/lasers are off by even a few millimeters, inaccurate readings may result, putting the reliability of the system and your driving at risk.

This improperly calibrated camera could lead to dangerous driving conditions, real-time misjudgments or even accidents. It is therefore essential to have your entire ADAS inspected, calibrated and tested before continuing to drive again after a replacement, accident or other vehicle event which could misalign your windshield and ADAS.